Example - Darren Varson application

Example - Darren Varson application

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Darren Varson

When Darren was a pre-teen he was kidnapped with his younger brother Rafel by a group of drunken teens. They tortured the two boys and killed Rafel in slow and brutal fashion while Darren watched. Later they burned the bottom of Daren’s feet badly (he is missing toes) and cut off a portion of the last two fingers of his right hand. Before the youths could finish they grew bored and passed out allowing Darren to escape.

Years later Darren recognized one of the youths who had kidnapped him and stalked him for days. Eventually he trapped and killed the youth, it was the first person Darren had killed and while he enjoyed meting out justice on the teen, he did not like the taste of killing.

He is constantly on the lookout for the other three youths (now young men) who abducted and tortured him and killed his brother, although he is unsure how he would deal with them if he found them.

Darren has an obsession with footwear, especially heavy boots since his feet cause him constant pain. He does not like to disclose this information to anyone but is constantly looking for upgraded footwear above all other things. He does not do well traveling long distances on foot and has no experience in riding.

He is a staunch sober, although he will tolerate drinking in his presence, drunkenness makes him uncomfortable and excessive drunkenness makes him angry. He will also not partake of or be a party to any kind of torture.

He will not stand for any abuse of children and is perceived as a protector of children on the streets of Sanctuary. The little children refer to him as Brother Protector or “Bropa” /bropah/. Darren prefers to avoid a fight, but when forced to engage he will brawl mercilessly and rarely loses a battle. He is “skilled” with improvised weapons and has a natural affinity for most types of weapons and armor.

Darren has strong ethical ideals (Lawful Neutral) which are not bound by the rules of good and evil but what he perceives as right and wrong. He has little fear, and this has occasionally gotten him into trouble. Darren does well to have someone near to him to help him assess situations and direct his aggression.

He is a child of the streets, abandoned at an impossibly young age but was able to survive. Darren’s parents are completely unknown to him and he invented his last name (Son of Var) during a confrontation about his heritage. It is highly likely that Rafel was unrelated to him, but Darren always knew him and considered him his little brother. If the subject of Rafel not being his brother is broached, Darren will react with relentless violence.

The screams woke him every night, every morning, every chance Darren had to sleep. The screams would find him, haunt him, and drag him from the abyss of unconsciousness to the abyss of consciousness. The images and screams varied as he tossed and turned in the tiny corner beneath the roof of a warehouse he called home. But in the end, the scene was always the same. His brother Rafel, pinned to the ground across from him, screaming his high-pitched scream while the older drunk boys slowly dragged their dull knife across his neck. The screams turned into gurgles as Rafel’s eyes pled with Darren to save him one more time.

Darren shuddered and woke up as he always did, shaking, his feet tingling in pain and sweet dripping from his brow. He sat up, wary of the low roof beam directly above him and peered out through the small hole in the wall to witness another dreary early morning. They were always dreary for Darren, no matter what time of day or what the temperature, such was life in Sanctuary.

As he began to lean back he realized that the screaming today was not coming from just his dreams but there was someone screaming, and not far from where he was. He felt around and grabbed his heavy mace, his one possession, and then began to crawl toward the hole in the floor that led him from his secret hole.

A minute later he was down on the street and running toward the screams. As he approached he an alley he slowed to a walk and then stopped to look.
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