General Background - Rydony

General Background - Rydony

Postby DungeonMaster » Sun Aug 06, 2017 9:23 pm

The capital of the province of Rydony is Cadenze, a large city located on the main road connecting the north and the south. Cadenze is coined the gateway to the north.

The city is ruled by a Queen who rose to her position by questionable means. But she has been in power for a long time. She has been through many husbands, none of whom have been able to produce an heir for her and they all ended their relationships with her in interesting, fatal ways. Older now, it is rumored she has given up on producing an heir and now prefers the company of a fairer race and gender.

It is also rumored that she is kept in check by The Order of Light, a highly militaristic religious order that, while not as big as the standing army, is said to be more powerful.
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