General Background - Redwood Cove

General Background - Redwood Cove

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Redwood Cove is a small village in the northern most part of Rydony, which is a province in the northern most part of the continent of Vaniya. To much of the continent, Redwood Cove is insignificant, but to you it is your home. It is nestled in the arms of The Mandlin Mounts range. At the center of the village is a huge tree that towers above and protects the entirety of the population. The lowest branches of the tree are over 100 feet above Redwood Cove, the base of the tree is massive and the entire village was built around it. The tree protects the village from the savage storms of the north, it's upper foliage is so thick the snow will collect and form a barrier, making the Cove and eerily warm and comfortable haven in the winter months. Spring, unfortunately, often brings rampant flooding during melt off and most of the structures are built several feet off the ground on struts. At the northern end of town a wide cave opens and it's depths have never been fully explored.

The Cove is entirely lawless, bandits and strong arm men often go there to lick there wounds, spend their loot and look for work. There are, however, a few unwritten, rarely spoken rules that you are familiar with. The first rule is: "Don't fuck with the tree." Don't climb the tree, don't the nail things into or hang people from the tree. Although the Cove is lawless, there is a general agreement that the merchants are off limits. Many years ago the owner of The Gem was killed by a drunken dwarf and the entire establishment shut down. As it was the only place in town that served alcohol, after three days the dwarf was lynched in retribution. After two weeks all dwarves in the Cove were dead or had left. After a month all the gnomes had left as well and the city almost collapsed. Finally, AlGen, a right honorable cunt who controls all prostitution, saw the profit being lost and re-opened The Gem and moved his whole operation there. Because of the isolated location of the village, merchandise of all sorts are extremely expensive, and while just about anything you can imagine is available for sale, the cost of items are exorbitant. This is exacerbated by the fact that Sol, the merchant who runs the only general store in town is a tight-fisted prick.

For as violent as the village is, it is surprising non-judgmental and all races are at least tolerated there. Dark skinned elves and black-eyed dwarves are occasionally scene emerging from the cave as the venture forth from the dark. Although they have a generational war underground, there is, for the most part, a strange detente between them when they are in Redwood Cove.
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