Goblin Culture

Goblin Culture

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The Mandlin Mounts separate Aronbar and Rydony and have some of the most treacherous peaks in the north. Travel over The Mounts is virtually impossible until one reaches the passes to the south near Tornbridge.

Historically, throughout these mountains tribes of goblins would cling to existence raiding towns and villages for survival. When the Dwarf/Human alliance was formed part of the agreement stipulated that humans would have to give up mining throughout the entirety of The Mounts. The mining would be the sole venture of the dwarves who worked deep underground. The human mines close to the surface were largely abandoned and quickly filed with goblins who found the underground slightly less uncomfortable than trying to live on the surface.

The goblin raids largely stopped.

Rumors persist that the surface dwelling goblins (Rakeshyn) made contact with goblins that were indigenous to the underground (Dorgeshyn) and that they now live in and protect the vast underground city of Bonehelm, ruled by a vicious overload named Yu'Biusk.
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