Legends and Tales - Chandalar

Legends and Tales - Chandalar

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The Chan Dar have many names in the lands. Often whispered as The Twelve, The Soul Reavers, or simply the Nameless, the unspoken haunt every child's dreams regardless of race or creed. No one will speak of them in open conversation, to do so brings their wrath, and their wrath is terrible beyond a simple death but an utter end of existence.

Their names are spoken in hushed conversations at night under dark moons and low fires. You all know their names and fear their presence.

No one has ever seen them. To see them is to end. Utterly.

And yet they are known, everyone knows their names.

MÓRRÍGHAN is the great Queen of the Chandalar. Terrible and unseen for ages, she abides in a plane beyond the reach of all mortals.

When the winter nights are dark and coldest, NECHTAN roots around for fodder and prey. He is dark as cold winter.

RÍOGHNACH, the mortal Queen. Little ones call her princess three times in a mirror and quickly succomb, or so the rumor goes.

The little deer OISÍN is a peaceful, tiny beast, luring you in close until it is too late.

MUIRNE lives amongst us all, he is the heart of the fest, and will feast on your heart with MEBD, the bottom of the bottomless, he finds you at the end of your barrels.

The handsome fey LIR will guide you in the forest, down the pleasant trail to your doom.

FION the white rules with FEIDLIMID the magnificent. They are all powerful in the mortal and immortal lands, they rule the Chandalar and the realms.

In the dark of the night, FEARGHAS with catch you and only kill you, if you are lucky, and pretty.

CONOR cares not for beauty or timing, his pack will hunt you should you mention his name but once.

Ever the watcher, BRAN keeps tabs on all, master of the birds, keeper of the ravens, it is his small chirpers that get's the word back to the Chandalar.
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